Environmental Surveys


KTE conducts environmental surveys regarding contamination of air, soil and water.

An environmental survey is typically performed on a site  contaminated by  hazardous substances.
The site is first assessed and analyzed for the causes and magnitude of the contamination as well as its impact
on the environment and the health and safety issues it may present (Environmental Impact Assessment – EIA).
Later on, if required, deeper analysis  and data  can be provided, such as evaluation of the contamination level’s
increase, or a design for remediation, reclamation or rehabilitation.

The knowledge and experience gathered by our team over the years, combined with the entire spectrum of KTE services
(including the analytical ones) enables us to offer Environmental Surveys  to different companies, businesses and organizations.
We use our expertise to gather a data basis, which is used for the EIA, including – upon request
– the main and alternative technologies for the short- and long-term remediation.

If necessary, KTE is also providing expert opinions for legal and other purposes.


Client: Undisclosed
Multi-path analysis of D&F+PCBs in milk from cows living on coal ash bed.
Analysis in multiple matrixes:

  • Raw Milk from old cows lived on coal ash bed
  • Raw Milk from young cows that didn’t lived on coal ash bed
  • Cows Feed
  • Coal Ash


Client: Undisclosed
Determination of Dioxins & Furans sources, concentrations and global amount.
Flue Gases treatment system for D&F and Chlorine pollution treatment.

  • D&F emission survey in the plant stacks
  • Design of treatment system including Scrubbers and ESP


Client: ERSI Ltd.

  • Air pollution survey from the plant’s burning processes
  • Air pollutants dispersion resulting from the plant operation
  • Supervision and support for odor control measures, including odor sampling


Client: Municipality of Beit Shemesh.
Technical & environmental evaluation of the tire burning process from Har-Tuv
“Nesher” Plant, and its impact on the surrounding area and the inhabitants.

Client: The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection
Inventory Survey of Dioxins and Furans in the State of Israel, based on the UN Toolkit
procedure. Calculated in:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Soil
  4. Products
  5. Residues


Client: Kishon River Authority

  • Evaluation and analysis of the sludge
  • Reporting to the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection and other authorities
  • Supervision & Support for the excavation, removal and transportation of the sludge from the bottom of the pool to Ef-eh landfill site in south Israel


Client: Kishon River Authority

  • Planning of the survey scheme
  • Supervision & Management of the drilling & sampling
  • Chemical analyses performing, evaluation & findings report


Client: Kishon River Authority & Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection

  • River bottom survey plan
  • Supervision & Management of 20 drilling sites, up to 10m deep
  • 228 soil samples taken
  • More than a 1200 laboratory analyses were carried out
  • Findings report & recommandations for the remediation of the Kishon River’s bottom


Client: “Makom MeHasratim” Restaurant.

  • Analysis of the odor & pollution contribution from a restaurant in a building
  • Evaluation of the different sources of air pollution in the nearby area
  • Supervision & analysis of the air samples



Client: Regional Council and Municipal Association of West Galilee.

  • Technology & Emission Evaluation of the whole plant
  • Air pollutants dispersion resulting from the plant operation (radius of 14 Km)
  • Morbidity (cancer, acute, chronic) survey for the nearby population


Client: Legal Office.

  • Evaluation of the environmental effects of a designed new tower building
  • Analysis of future effects of the different anthropogenic activities
  • Evaluation on the contribution of pollutants, noise, light disturbances, etc.


Client: Municipality of Rishon LeZion.

  • Pollutant dispersion from the incineration plant’s operation
  • Morbidity (cancer, acute, chronic) survey to the nearby population


Client: Legal Office

  • Evaluation of the odor and pollution contribution from a composting site
  • Supervision & Support of odor measurements
  • Evaluation & analysis of the site’s process


Client: Shoshani & Weinstein Ltd.

  • Evaluation and analysis of pollutant contribution from quarry, painting plant & galvanization plant
  • Air pollutants dispersion resulting from the plants’ operation
  • Morbidity (cancer, acute, chronic) survey for the area’s population


Client: The Local Council of Kiryat Tivon.
Preliminary survey, determination of multi-path dioxin and furan presence and exposure of
citizens and surroundings to dioxins & Furans. Samples taken from:

  1. In-house long-term settled dust
  2. Soil ground surface
  3. Blood – in elder women
  4. Ambient air




Study Report:
“Haifa Bay Pollution Exposure Comparison: Transportation vs. Industry”

Review & analysis of the pollution contribution from public and private transportation
in Haifa bay area, relatively to the area’s pollution caused by industrial emissions.