Advisory & Licensing


Taking an active part in the environmental sector through all its aspects, KTE is also
implementing the accumulated knowledge and experience of its team to consult
plants, companies, farms and other industries in the ecological and environmental
aspects of their business.
Our services include guidance and advisory regarding:

  1. Business licensing
  2. Clean Air Act requirements (IPPC, TA-Luft)
  3. Hazardous Materials licensing
  4. EHS requirements – including the Ministries of Health, Environmental Protection etc.
  5. Fire & Rescue Services requirements
  6. Pollutant Release and Transfer Registering (PRTR)
  7. Special permissions
  8. Hazardous substances and waste
  9. Wastewater solutions
  10. Air quality, emissions and odor control
  11. Solid waste
  12. Contaminated sites and soil gas (including TO-15)
  13. Process engineering and Plant Design
  14. Energy

Working in coordination with all relevant ministries, bureaus and authorities,
KTE helps clients to achieve all relevant requirements, with accordance to local and international legislations.
With Wastewater Treatment, Air Quality & Control and Contaminated Sites being our top fields of expertise,
we provide our clients the opportunity to reach the standards and requirements, by offering them appropriate solutions
which are designated for them, and easily integrated into their plant’s process.


Examples of our clients:
Business License

  • Alugreen Aluminum Castings Ltd.
  • Olshak & Partners Recycling Ltd.
  • Haifa Bay Slaughterhouse Ltd.
  • Waste to Product (WTP) Technology Ltd.
  • Protective Coating Technology (PCT) Ltd.
  • SHL – Alubin Ltd. – Aluminum Processing Plant

Emission Permit – Clean Air Act

  • SHL – Alubin Ltd
  • Alubin Aluminum Processing Ltd.
  • ERSI Ltd.
  • Cyclone Aviation Products Ltd.
  • Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd.
  • Eco-oil Ltd.
  • Omen – High Pressure Die Casting Ltd.
  • Meksheli Ltd.
  • Maof-Finkelstein Metals Ltd.