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As part of to our activity in the industrial sector and our knowledge in water-pollution,
KTE has gained a wide experience in the design of wastewater treatment (WWT)
facilities from various sources, including:

  • Factories: Energy & chemical plants, metal, pharmaceutical, food etc.
  • Agriculture: Livestock, piggeries, etc.
  • Oil refineries
  • Wineries
  • Waste disposal sites
  • Other industries

KTE deals with both organic and inorganic contaminants as part of our WWT projects, and therefore offers a wide variety of applications,
project-specific and according to the needs, abilities and limitations of each case and costumer.
Our variety of solutions includes Membrane Technology, static and dynamic separation technologies, aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment and more.
If necessary, KTE provides a complete & joint operation with our international associates and our partnership with “MBR Process Design Ltd.”, a UK-based company with a vast and deep knowledge and experience in WWT-sector worldwide.

KTE has proven experience using a variety of enzyme & media applications, each designated for specific biological conditions,
contaminants and concentrations.


Client: SHL-Alubin Ltd.

  • Conceptual and detailed design of the wastewater facility, including budget
  • Overall Wastewater Capacity: 250 m³/d
  • Main contaminants: Sulfate, Sodium, Aluminum
  • Solution: Pre-treatment and filtration (RO)


Client: Aroma Israel Ltd.
Bakery Plant Turn-key Wastewater treatment project.

  • A complete turn-key project – Planning & design, supervision & construction, management and report
  • Conceptual and detailed design
  • Wastewater Capacity: 15 m³/d. Main contaminants: Starch, FOG, COD
  • Selected Solution: Biological treatment using a designated enzyme input
  • Supervision and management on the construction
  • Formulating the maintenance instructions and scheme
  • Final reporting to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health


Client: Diary Farm

  • Wastewater Capacity: 50 m³/d. Organic contaminants (COD, N, P, etc.)
  • Selected Solution: Pre-filtration and Biological Treatment using designated enzymes
  • Remained solids sent to a composting site


Client: Aaref Piggery – Mei’ilya

  • Conceptual and detailed design
  • Designing with our UK associates MBL Process Design Ltd
  • Wastewater Capacity: 50 m³/d. Organic contaminants (COD, N, P, etc.)
  • Selected Solution: Chemical treatment + Biological treatment (MBR)
  • Supervision & Management of the construction, assembly and commissioning.
  • Report to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Water Corporation.


Client: Meniv Rishon Ltd.

  • Techno-economic evaluation on the treatment of Tel-Aviv area sewage
  • Design included a 25km pipeline, implementing combined MBR systems for water reuse – with the sludge directed for composting
  • Wastewater capacity: 15,000 m³/d. sewer wastewater