KTE is an expert company with 30 years of local and international experience.
Aiming to improve the quality of life, we put a strong emphasis on innovation and  practice, and have an interest to introduce new products, technologies and services to the industry in Israel and abroad.

KTE was established in 1991, with the objective of providing top technical and enterprises services for the different industrial sectors. Based near the port of Haifa/Israel and with operating offices in Portugal and South Africa, the company  soon became active both nationwide and in the global arena, working with manufacturers, firms and organizations in Israel and abroad.

Today, our company is active through its three core departments:

  1. Analytical Services – the company offers a wide range of analyses through approved and accredited laboratories.
  2. Energy - including Plant & Process Design, case studies and feasibility studies for the Energy and Chemical sector.
  3. Environment – Engineering & consultancy services for various sectors, in soil, water, air & gases environmental projects.

Under the management of Dr. (Chem. Eng.) Gil Katz – founder and CEO of KTE – the company’s team includes skilled professionals with a strong background in chemical, environmental and biotechnology engineering. Additionally, the company maintains a wide network of external specialists and experts around the world, and consults them when necessary.