Dioxins and PCBs


One-Stop-Shop Analytical Services

Through accredited laboratories, KTE provides analyses of dioxins, furans and PCB for all types of samples,
including all kinds of food, feed, oil, by Chemical analysis (HR GCMS ) and by Biodetection system (BDS).
used for routine tests and screening tests according to Israeli and EU guidelines.

Dioxins and Dioxin-Like Compounds (DLCs) are the most dangerous man-made pollutants and highly toxic compounds,
created mostly as a by-product in industrial processes, such as chemical syntheses and burning or combustion of waste,
fuels and other materials.

Dioxins, Furans PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) – are considered as persistent organic pollutants (POPs),
as their molecular structure can stay stable for up to 20 years. The particles disperse to the environment in several
ways – industrial emissions and burning processes (solid waste, natural fires, etc.),
wastewater (insoluble in water, dioxins have good solubility in oil and fats), products
such as pesticides and herbicides applications, and solid waste.

Dioxins and PCBs infiltrate organisms and climb up the trophic pyramid with
increasing concentrations through bioaccumulation and biomagnification processes.
Eventually, it inflicts the human body mainly through the digestion system.
Due to their high toxicity, these compounds increase cancer morbidity as well as other
serious illnesses, and can effect fertility.

After undoubtedly proven to pose a severe risk for human health and the ecology,
Dioxin concentrations were put under heavy restrictions by authorities worldwide.
In Israel, KTE played a key role in the awareness for dioxins and the research done
about the particles’ life-cycle. This includes the health and environmental risks it can
cause as well as the possible methods and technologies prevent and treat dioxin-contamination.

Recognizing its expertise, KTE was appointed with the Dioxin & Furan Inventory
Survey of the state of Israel by the Israeli Ministry of Health Protection.
Thanks to our specialty and knowledge in the subject as well as our accumulated
public health research, we are the leading company for dioxin-related themes in Israel.