Waste to Energy


The Waste-to-Energy (WtE) concept increases the number of energy resources and offers a more available
and environmental friendly fuel than oil.
On the surface, the idea seems simple: using the wastes created by industrial and urban activities as energy-generating fuels
through incineration or other processes.
However, these processes are quite complex in various aspects, from the feasibility evaluation and analysis of the financial value,
through energy efficiency of the process and the environmental impact assessment.

Proficient in a wide variety of alternative fuels, one of KTE’s main objects is to improve the availability
and efficiency of Waste-to-Energy solutions.
We implement our expertise through evaluations and case study, plant and process design as well as supervision and management
of Waste-to-Energy projects:

  • Biogas
  • Tire Derived Fuels
  • Used oil
  • Gasification
  • Other WtE sources.


Landfill (Iblin) gas conditioning system feeding to generator for electricity

  • Conceptual design
  • Process simulation
  • Detailed design
  • Equipment specifications
  • Project Supervising


Client: Gas Dan Ltd.

  • Process Design
  • Procurement, construction and assembly and commissioning


Wood gasification plant for electricity and heat production in Calafat, Romania.
The project include:

  • Plant conceptual design
  • Unit sizing & equipment specifications
  • Energy and Mass balance
  • Economic evaluation



  • Used Tires pyrolysis for production of Diesel, Metals and Carbon Black
  • Conceptual and Detailed design of 5,000 ton/year used tires plant
  • Equipment sizing & specifications