Water Pollution


In Israel, Surface and groundwater pollution is a high concern.
The density and the ecological circumstances in the Middle East region creates a dangerous condition,
in which extensive industrial activity can easily inflict the relatively limited water resources.

KTE participates in various Water Treatment projects, including Ponds, Lakes, Canals and River Remediation.
These projects include environmental survey, pollution reduction and control, and in-situ rehabilitation solutions and purification.
We use our extensive knowledge and acquaintance with contaminants and hazardous materials, in order to choose and apply
the most efficient solution, by chemical, physical or biological processes.

Alongside our activity in subjects such as Water Pollution, Wastewater Treatment and Soil & Groundwater protection,
KTE also provides various analytical services for the environmental sector, including water, soil and soil gas (TO-15) analyses.


Client: Kishon River Authority

  • Evaluation and analysis of the sludge
  • Reporting to the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection and other authorities
  • Supervision & Support for the excavation, removal and transportation of the sludge from the bottom of the pool to Ef-eh landfill site in south Israel


Client: Kishon River Authority & Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection

  • River bottom survey plan
  • Supervision & Management of 20 drilling sites, up to 10m deep
  • 228 soil samples taken
  • More than a 1200 laboratory analyses were carried out
  • Findings report & recommandations for the remediation of the Kishon River’s bottom