Expert Opinion‏


Using its innovative problem – solving approach, deep knowledge and various fields of expertise,
KTE is also providing expert opinions for legal or other purposes, as well as additional services such
as litigation support and research advisory.

KTE provides expert opinions not only for legal proceedings, but also for private, public or scientific committees.
These services include technical and scientific evaluation regarding Environmental, Health & Safety issues,
feasibility studies on new technologies and methodologies, and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
regarding both ecological & public health aspects (HIA – Health Impact Assessment).

For legal purposes, we offer the extensive deposition and trial witness
experience of our experts to companies and factories from all industries,
NGOs and other organizations. Our services include:

  • Support & advisory in Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) strategy.
  • Case & background research.
  • Reviewing case studies, research and data management.
  • Evaluating technical facts and figures, modeling & decision analysis.
  • Formulating final presentation materials.
  • If necessary – Court appearance and presentation of the study.

When required, KTE can additionally resort to its wide network of skilled & respected external experts, in order to ensure the impregnability of its conclusions.


Client: Municipality of Beit Shemesh.
Technical & environmental evaluation of the tire burning process from Har-Tuv
“Nesher” Plant, and its impact on the surrounding area and the inhabitants.

Client: Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy
Investigation of Multi analysis for Jet Fuel filters after the fuel pollution found in the
Analyses carried out:

  • Organics: VOC, GC-FID, GC-MS
  • Metals in ICP
  • Particles size dispersion
  • Elementary analysis
  • Microbial Activity
  • Fatty Acids by GC/FID



Client: “Makom MeHasratim” Restaurant.

  • Analysis of the odor & pollution contribution from a restaurant in a building
  • Evaluation of the different sources of air pollution in the nearby area
  • Supervision & analysis of the air samples




Client: Legal Office.

  • Evaluation of the environmental effects of a designed new tower building
  • Analysis of future effects of the different anthropogenic activities
  • Evaluation on the contribution of pollutants, noise, light disturbances, etc.


Client: Legal Office

  • Evaluation of the odor and pollution contribution from a composting site
  • Supervision & Support of odor measurements
  • Evaluation & analysis of the site’s process